X-Ray Machine, Thorascope Unit + Canvas Trolley

Science Museum | London (Community-in-Residence)
Jane writes:
During our tour of objects from the collection of Sir Henry Wellcome - I requested to see some examples of equipment that would have been familiar to and perhaps used by Mum when she was a young nurse at Stafford General Infirmary.
Tim pointed out the x-ray machine that was typical of that time and in common use across the country. It was made by Watson & Sons who were based in Wembley. There was also the Thorascope x-ray unit, dated 1951 - 1960 that was used for the diagnosis and early treatment of tuberculosis. I know Mum worked in a TB hospital for a short time so she may have seen a machine like this too.
The final object was a green canvas hospital trolley, which brought back memories for me, having spent some time in hospital as a young girl; I don't expect they changed much over the years!
It was a great pleasure to be able to see the collection and these items in particular struck a chord with me. They have added a new dimension to my (Pararchive) research and some depth and colour. It was quite strange to think that they would have been seen on a regular basis by Mum. I can just imagine her, as a young woman pushing a patient down the long corridors painted with cream gloss paint that I remember clearly.