WHAT IF? is an exciting artist-led experiment taking place in the historic former Minton Free Library, Stoke-on-Trent on Saturday 9th October & Sunday 10th October. Five artists will work 'live' in residence at different times during the 48 hours and make work that will occupy a unique tiled basement space. This public creative process will encourage a conversation and engagement with visitors and will explore a wide range of creative themes and perhaps in part issues about notions of 'public art' and 'participation'.
Chloe Ashley, Cristiana Cappelletti, Stuart Porter, Phil Rawle and Peter Smith
The artists will essentially takeover the space for 48hours. They will make and exhibit a wide range of different work. Some of the artists may well respond directly to the surroundings and influences. However, others may do the exact opposite and use the opportunity to focus on their own separate ideas or current pursuits. The basement will be open to the public between 10:00am – 4:00pm on each day. Come and see what’s going on – it might be interesting to pop in a few times over the weekend. You will be able to talk to the artists, discuss ideas and see their work evolve.
Chloe Ashley: WHAT IF? …Photography didn't conform to the rules imposed upon it? Particularly regarding printing and methods of display.
Stuart Porter: WHAT IF? ...I had continued with ceramics instead of Fine Art?’
Phil Rawle: WHAT IF? …Nature/landscape didn’t exist? How would we make it?’
*Visitors will also be able to view the historic wall tiles during this weekend although some areas may be restricted by the work-in-progress and exhibition installation.
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