Turnover: Ceramic Stories of Local Belonging
Do you turn cups, plates and other pottery over? We need you!
We’d love to hear your stories of turning over pottery and what it means to you. Do you do it wherever you go? What do you think about as you turn something over in your own home or perhaps on holiday halfway across the world? What stories come to mind? Do you know about pottery backstamps? Perhaps you have tips or secrets about how to recognise and 'read' them?
Maybe you have moved away from The Potteries but you still turn pots over; maybe you don’t come from Stoke-on-Trent or North Staffordshire originally but you’ve adopted the habit. Maybe you didn’t realise how much you do it and do it all the time? We are interested to know where your knowledge came from - can you remember where you learnt to 'turn over' pottery? Was it from family, friends or maybe work colleagues?
If you own pottery - where did your pots come from? Did you inherit items or buy them? What do you DO with them? Do you use them or display them? What do you think about them? Maybe there is pottery you loathe – perhaps you can’t bear to look at it or you might even own some that you don't like but can’t bear to throw it out either? We would also love to hear why this is the case and any stories behind your feelings!
We want to hear from you if you’ve got anything to say on being part of the ‘turnover club'!
This pilot research is led by Keele University working in partnership with Ceramic City Stories CIC and forms part of the development of a longer term programme of activities focussed on the distinctive cultural tradition of 'turning over' pottery and 'reading' backstamps. If you don’t wish to be recorded, then there will be an opt-out form to complete on the day; otherwise we will assume you are giving your consent by attending, having some tea and cake with us and telling your stories.
Some of these stories & images from will be published online has part of the Ceramic City Stories website. Some stories and images will be anonymised and used in a Keele University research project. You will have the opportunity to sign up to take part in more of the research on the day. If you have any questions please contact r.leach@keele.ac.uk or Danny Callaghan hello@ceramiccitystories.org
For more information: www.ceramiccitystories.org