Teapot + Random Objects!

Science Museum | London (Community-in-Residence)
Team members have been sharing photographs and identifying items of interest or 'favourite' artefacts. Gemma Angel is an Early Career Researcher based at the Science Museum (she works as part of the Pararchive project team). Gemma is currently helping the community research team to follow up any questions they have or requests for further information. Although store items are not 'labelled' with descriptive information - the reference numbers (that almost all artefacts have) link to the main index and database. This can usually provide a lot more information about each item. She can also provide additional or better quality photographs if needed.
Jane (Wells) wants to know more about a teapot she spotted. It looks like the reference number is A626778. Did anyone else see or photograph this item?
She also took this photograph of an item and reference number A631335 for Jean (Rawle). Jane can't recall what the artefact or anything about it - any ideas?