Phil Rowley + Jayne Fair

Science Museum | London (Community-in-Residence)
Phil (Rowley) kindly shares his conversation with Jayne (Fair) during the team's Science Museum residency - he writes:
When we were wandering around at Blythe House on Saturday - Jayne told me that she was interested in telephones and switchboards as her husband used to work with BT. They used to get all the latest devices to test at home. I took a number of photos of telephones and related devices at both Blythe House and at the Science Museum the next day. Jayne is very welcome to use any of these photos if she wishes to.
Also, in the last store we visited at Blythe House, Jayne expressed interest in a picture of Jacquard, inventor of the famous loom. I don't think that she managed to get a good photo, as the picture was wedged in at floor level.
I took a photo but the quality is not good. I have, however, now come across an image and page on Wikipedia - which must surely be the same picture, as it mentions that the Science Museum has a copy. The story also has links with Charles Babbage (and Phil's earlier comments and photographs - shared on a previous blog post - here).